The Mission to Save Our Water

Based in the USA, OriginClear is The Clean Water Innovation Hub™. Our mission is save the planet’s freshwater supply by enabling water treatment and recycling at the point of pollution. Our incubations can make this possible for anyone, anywhere regardless of location or access to capital.

To help accelerate our mission, we have partnered with Kevin Harrington, original shark of Shark Tank, to enlist your help. Together, we can rehabilitate the trillion-dollar water industry from failing infrastructure owned by the government to nimble micro-utilities, owned by the people.

Our Incubations

Our current stable of incubations are already serving hundreds of clients in the small to midsize commercial, industrial, and municipal end markets that need to self-manage water treatment and we are just getting started.

Water on Demand

Making the future of wastewater treatment affordable, Water On Demand™ is creating an investor backed fund to provide leased equipment to businesses in need, for no up front capital. By attracting private investment into water assets, we plan to create a network of sites paying continuously by the gallon and thereby develop the first real commodity market for water, in which each gallon of treated water is monetized. It is modeled after the highly successful Master Limited Partnership (MLP) model of the oil and gas industry which why we call it Water Like an Oil Well™.

Modular Water Systems

Modular Water Systems provides water treatment systems scaled down in size and cost, but not in capability. Offering a broad selection of standardized and custom engineered wastewater treatment products, packaged lift stations, and ancillary wastewater infrastructure solutions, it is the foundational infrastructural pillar that Water On Demand is built upon.

Progressive Water Treatment

Progressive Water Treatment, located in McKinney TX, has a 25+ yr operating history building and distributing fluid treatment equipment and services to the industrial and commercial sectors. They specialize in Industrial Process Water applications common to the energy sector. With its stellar reputation and top tier capability, they are a cornerstone in the future of water treatment.

Your investment today ensures you have early access to our future incubations, before institutional money, giving you the greatest potential to recognize the upside of being a founding investor and puts you at the heart of one of the greatest disruptions of our lifetime.

Press Releases

At OriginClear, we are extremely proud to present you with our most recent press release announcing the filing of an S4 agreement to bring our incubations to Nasdaq. Read the exciting news below.

OriginClear’s Water On Demand and Fortune Rise Acquisition Corporation Seek to Combine under Form S-4 Registration Statement

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OriginClear’s Water On Demand In Strategic Partnership with the Intent to Acquire Manufacturer for its Proprietary Modular Products

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OriginClear’s Water On Demand and Fortune Rise Acquisition Corporation Announce Business Combination to Create Nasdaq-Listed Company

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As you can see, we have been busy and we are really just getting started. 2024 is going to be a year full of more exciting news from game changing deals to new acquisitions.

Meet the Team

Our management team is comprised of strategic experts continually leading the way to create innovative solutions and deliver consistent results.

Riggs Eckelberry

Chief Executive Officer

Ken Berenger

Executive Vice President

Kevin Harrington

Advisory Board Member

Tom Marchesello

Chief Operating Officer

AJ Fikejs

Vice President Marketing

Prasad Tare

Chief Financial Officer

Bill Charnesky

Vice President Mergers & Acquisitions

Marc Stevens

President, Progressive Water Treatment

Dan Early

Chief Engineer, Modular Water Systems