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Our innovative solution has the potential to transform the water industry by offering a more cost-effective alternative to traditional centralized water treatment systems. By integrating finance and technology, we’re able to drive innovation and investment opportunities that can help us address the global water crisis and improve the lives of people worldwide.

Accredited Offering

We know accredited investors are looking for income-bearing assets to drive stability and wealth generation. Through Water On Demand, we can provide:

  • Customers - access to currently scarce capital

  • Consulting Engineers - the ability to unlock funding stalled projects

  • Investors - Inflation-friendly indexing design protected through potential real assets with real cash flows

That's the beauty of OriginClear's Water On Demand, and why some call it the wealth creation opportunity of a generation.


As you look for places to put your hard-earned money, you will find that water is the new investable commodity. At OriginClear, we believe water should be The People's Asset Class that's why we welcome any investor, large or small.

We have created Water On Demand to help solve the world's water crisis by creating nimble point of use treatment systems, scaled and backed by investors like you. Here is the vision:

  • Decentralized, outsourced, pay-per-gallon water programs to business users, so that people can be better served by the cities.

  • Typically, no upfront capital investment required by customers.

  • Long-term service and maintenance contract provides a true turn-key solution. All this financed by you, the investor.

  • Customers enter into a WPA (“Water Purchase Agreement”) or similar service contract.

  • Optionally, proven Modular Water Systems™ technologies for the Basis of Design ensures best-in-class equipment and system performance over the life of the contract.

  • No “new technology” risk: only proven technologies, systems, and methods used.

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